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"New" drug approval: Rykindo

The latest psychiatric medication to receive FDA approval is Rykindo, a long-acting injectible (LAI) of risperidone administered every 2 weeks. Rykindo is just another brand of Risperdal Consta with the same dose strengths, indications, etc. Compared to other LAI formulations of risperidone or paliperidone you are "consta"ntly getting injections with Consta (or Rykindo).

I don't have a Rykindo medication mascot to share, but here's my super-handy antipsychotic LAI comparison table from page 160 of Cafer's Psychopharmacology. It includes administration instructions and dose conversions for the various risperidone/paliperidone and aripiprazole products.

Download PDF • 272KB

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