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New Mascots Added!

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

We've added several new medications to the PDF version of Cafer's Psychopharmacology: Visualize to Memorize 270 Medication Mascots

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Most recent update 7/22/2021. Bonus mascots not found in the paperback include:

  • ADUHELM (aducanumab)

  • AZSTARYS (dexmethylphenidate + serdexmethylphenidate)

  • DYANAVEL XR (amphetamine)

  • LYBALVI (olanzapine + samidorphan)

  • PLENITY "medical device" for weight management

  • QELBREE (viloxazine)

  • QUILLICHEW ER (methylphenidate)

  • Buspirone + melatonin combo

  • Samidorphan + buprenorphine combo

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