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Pregabalin mascot & Black Friday Sale

Check out the Black Friday sale on Cafer's Psychopharmacology: Visualize to Memorize 270 Medication Mascots. For a limited time, the paperback is $49.95 and the PDF version is $29.95 (regular price $89.95). The PDF is formatted for ultra-rapid navigation with thousands of internal links.

Included are medication mascots to assist you with memorization of trade name / generic name pairings.

Pregabalin Lyrica visual mnemonic by Jason Cafer MD

Here are excerpts from from 5-star Amazon reviews:

★★★★★ Love it

I barely look at the pictures, honestly. I'm most impressed by the way the author explains everything through text, simply and efficiently.


This breaks things down easily and is a great study resource for those needing something more concise and easier to read.

★★★★★ THIS BOOK helped me SO MUCH!

First of all, I don’t write reviews but this book deserves it. I am in a CMHC graduate program where a class asked me to know most of the antipsychotics and antidepressants. It was really hard for me to learn the names of the medications and the difference between some of their qualities but THIS BOOK helped me SO MUCH! I’m a visual learner and having the images and catchy phrases helped me learn both medication names! Any student in school to go into a helping profession that would need this information, this book is a great reference to have!

★★★★★ Helpful to retain complicated information

Dr. Cafer’s book works perfectly with color. It is easy to read, creative and the drawings .

★★★★★ Easy to follow

Helped me a lot in advanced psychopharmacology class.

★★★★★ This book has saved my life.

I’m a psychiatric NP student and this book has saved my life. It’s easy to understand and has all of the important need to know implications and considerations for every drug and the providers personal opinions and practices with it too. It’s amazing and scratches the itch in my brain that none of the text books can reach. Thank you Dr. Cafer!!!!

★★★★★ Highly recommended!

Dr. Cafer's book was super useful in my psych rotation and I can see myself using it with family medicine rotation as well! Once you get used to the book, the mascots for drug interactions will make more sense and you'll be able to remember it and utilize it efficiently by looking at the interaction section at the end of the book. I found more clinically relevant information that was not really taught in my pharm class.

★★★★★ It is a must-have

Unbelievable pictures and mnemonics. Book has excellent points as if you made notes by reading 4-6 books.

★★★★★ A brilliant approach to the understanding of psychopharmacology

As a psychiatric nurse practitioner student, I completed my adult psychiatric rotation with Dr. Cafer. He has an excellent teaching program. His psychopharmacology book is spectacular.

★★★★★ This is hands down the best book I have read about psychopharmacology.

It is interacting and the visualizations make it much easier to retain information. Excellent book. Do not hesitate to buy it.

★★★★★ My new daily companion that I never want to be without

Who thought prescriber guides can be fun?!? Well, these two are! I have found myself smiling/laughing more than once. Both books are in my work bag and I use them daily. Thank you Dr. Cafer for these great resources!!!!!

★★★★★ Lightning review of psychopharmacology

It has ton of images and figures that makes very easy to navigate. Very versatile

★★★★★ Outstanding resource!

Brilliant, creative, & concise! Creative imagery to reinforce learning.

★★★★ Totally changed the way I learn new medications

I find myself immediately recalling the "mascots" when hearing a medication and all of the important details connected to that image. I wish I knew about this book earlier in my education because it would have helped A LOT

★★★★★ So genius

I liked how it simplifies drug-drug interactions. This volume is so valuable for clinical psychiatrists in all degrees of experience and practice.

★★★★★ The best resource that is easy to understand

This book is great for prescribers as well as students.

★★★★★ What a great book!

Throughout the book, the author uses powerful methods to help the reader retain as much information as possible: association by pictures which makes a mental image of the drugs, and splitting the name of the drugs and making connection to familiar objects is something which is hardly seen in medical texts. I have found it immensely interesting. The book is surely written, the author, who surely has hands on experience on the subject, and practices routinely. This is makes it more practical and relevant and useful to daily practicing professionals, unlike cumbersome text books and reference texts which are usually tedious and uninviting to go deep unless we have to.

★★★★★ Informative and user-friendly

Love this. Very comprehensive.

★★★★★ Fantastic resource for anyone learning psychiatry (PA students, med students, residents, fellows)

As a PA student I can say this resource has been invaluable! Much more digestible than textbooks like Stahl's. Includes high yield information, practical information, and helpful memory aids. I see myself referencing this resource once I start practicing!

★★★★★ So intelligent project

Smart project in psychopharmacology.

★★★★★ I love these pharmacology books.

The visuals are great for memorizing certain aspects of medications. It also breaks down pharmacodynamics/kinetics in an easy to understand way that greatly increased my knowledge in this area. I read this book before my pharmacogenetics class and felt as if I was ahead of the curve.

★★★★★ Fabulous and innovative psychopharmacology text.

Excellent resource for anyone who utilizes psychopharmacology whether they are just starting out or still struggling to keep up. The images used describe each drug and how they interact with one another are genius and fun. Thank you for helping my brain wrap itself around this complex topic.

★★★★★ Wow!

Fantastic resource for psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner students- highly recommended.

★★★★★ Awesome resource!

Quick, easy facts to remember. Should already have a basic foundational knowledge of the drugs but helps build knowledge in a fun way.

★★★★★ Every page is brimming with relevant information

All in one place: color picture of the pill or capsule, cost, dosage strengths available, dosing guidelines, FDA approvals, drug interactions, warnings, brand and generic name - with colorful drawings and clever mnemonic devices to imprint information into memory. The information on Virtual Darkness Therapy, a nonpharmacologic intervention for acute mania and insomnia is worth the price of the book alone, in my opinion. There are many tips and resources - for example recommendation to use free app ePocrates for prescribers. Crystal clear explanation of many pharmacology concepts such as the difference between pharmacodynamic drug interactions and pharmacokinetic drug interactions. Includes useful information about CBD. Great information about enzyme inhibitors and enzyme inducers and how these impact serum drug levels. Highly recommended!

★★★★★ A must-have for every student and provider in medicine

especially psychiatry! This book is absolutely amazing! It has a stunning amount of information about mood stabilizers and anti-epileptic drugs. The information is well laid out and the visuals are a great memory aid. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a reliable and friendly go-to resource for psychiatric medications. Not only the medical practitioners, but every medical and nursing student should get this too

★★★★★ Super-helpful

This book has made learning psychopharmacology not feel like an impossible feat! Great for me as a nurse practitioner student!

★★★★★ Wonderful

Big tools for my classes and my students have a nice and easy way to learn central nervous system pharmacology.

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