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Electrostatic therapy with the Elosan Cabin C1

"See one electron standing in a cabin"

Electrostatic therapy with the Elosan Cabin C1

Electrostatic therapy with the Elosan Cabin C1 may be an effective adjunct therapy for patients with chronic pain. The novel device is manufactured by Elosan AG in Switzerland. The cabin applies a high-voltage electrostatic field inside a booth in which the patient stands. The charge affects the outside of the whole body without a corresponding current flow inside the body. 

The Elosan Cabin treatment was administered to 143 patients in weekly sessions x 8, each treatment 8 minutes in duration. 65% of the patients had a relevant improvement in pain levels. The average pain reduction in all patients was 30.9%. Quality of life and sleep quality also improved. The best effect was seen in female patients whose duration of pain was less than 1 year. 

Electrostatic therapy is painless. No serious adverse effects were reported, although a small number of patients had side effects limited to a few hours after each treatment session. 6 patients reported a transient increase in pain. 8 reported vertigo and 4 reported mild vegetative symptoms.

The device has not yet been evaluated by the FDA.

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